These are some of the landscape that I painted during one of my trips and correspond to places I have visited and which have good memories. they are not for sale.

Costa brava
Beach Coast Brava – Cataluñya
Robledar - Olot
Robledar – Olot
Payaresas - Olot
Payaresas – Olot
Puerto de Nenorca-
Port island of Menorca
Massia de Ólot
The Massia Olot









Puente Rupit
Rupit Bridge – Girona
Comedor Costanero Ibiza
Offshore dining Ibiza Island
Campanario de Peñiscola
Church Peñiscola
Riera de Pallars
River the Pallars
Carre de Pallaressa
Pallaressa street – Girona









Aparcadero de botes
Parking boats – Ibisa
El pescador
The fisherman
Robledar – Olot
La red del pescador
The network Fisherman
Rio de Rupit-b
River the Rupit – Girona









Cala Galdana
Cala Galdana
Vista de Peñiscola
View Castle Peñiscola
Portal de Menorca
Site in Menorca
Calle de Rupit
Rupit Street – Girona
The Chariot – Ibiza
Castillo de Peñiscola
Castle Peñiscola








Puerto de Barcelona
Barcelona’s port
Iglesia de Rupit
Rupit church – Girona
Costa Ibicenca
Parking lot of boats – Ibiza
Puerto Peñiscola
Port of Peñiscola









Ladera de Peñiscola
Ladera Castle Peñiscola
Riera de Olot
River the Olot
Castle Peñiscola