Nervous System Structure. These illustrations focus on the structure and nervous organization that compose the different parts of the human body. We can see that the nervous system and sense organs are constituted by the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system), and also by nervous components outside the central nervous system, which in turn connect with the rest of the body (peripheral nervous system). The nervous system is one of the most important systems of our organism. In Illustrations Nervous System Structure, we will see that the nervous structure is only found in individuals of the animal kingdom.

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Seccion sagital de la cabeza
Sagittal section
Cerebro frontal
Front brain
Cerebro de perfil
Brain in profile
Cerebro y Tronco cerebral
Brain and brainstem
corte cerebral frontal
Frontal brain section
Vista inferior del cerebro
Brain bottom view









corte transversal del cerebro y cráneo
vista superior del cerebro
Top view
vista inferior del cerebro
Bottom view
Vista posterior del cerebro
Rear view
capas de la corteza cerebelosa
Layers of the cerebellar cortex
Vaina de Mielina
Myelin sheath









Tronco cerebral y cerebelo
Brain stem and cerebellum
Tronco cerebral
El Tronco cerebral
The brainstem
Cerebelo normal sano
Normal healthy cerebellum
Cerebelo sano
healthy cerebellum









tallo cerebral vista inferior
Brain stem
tallo cerebral en vista inferior
Brain stem
vista inferior del tallo cerebral
Bottom view
Tallo cerebral y nervios craneales
Brain stem
Tronco encefálico y cerebelo
Tallo cerebral
Medula espinal normal
Normal spinal cord









Anatomía de la neurona
Anatomía del nervio
Nerve anatomy
Anatomía de la Neurona
Neuron Anatomy
interior vaina de mielina
Inner myelin sheath









neuromuscular synapse
Neuromuscular synapses
neurona y ovillos neurofibrilares
Neurona en Alzheimer
The Neuron
Ganglio Basal
Basal Ganglion
Glandula Hypofisis
Pituitary Gland









Sinapsis Dopamina
Dopamine Synapse
Sinapsis Muscular
Muscle Synapse
sistema nervioso simpático
Sympathetic system
área motora y sensitiva del cerebro
Motor and sensory area
Corteza somatosensorial primaria
Nervios faciales
Facial nerves









Ramificación nerviosa cervical
Cervical nerves
Nervios cervicales posterior
Nervios espinales cervicales
Esquema Nervioso cervical
Cervical nerve
Vertebras cervicales y nervios
Ramificación nerviosa dorsal
Dorsal branch
Ramificación nerviosa lumbar posterior
Lumbar nerve branch









Ramificación lumbar y sacro
Lumbar sacral
Estructuras nerviosas de la columna vertebral
Ramificacion nerviosa centra
Los Nervios espinales
Ramificación Nerviosa-Central
Sistema Circulatorio y Nervioso
Sistema nervioso humano

Esquema Ramificación Nerviosa-CentralClasificacion de los nervios espinales

El cuerpo Humano
sistema nervioso simpático









Structure of the Nervous System.

The central nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord. It is protected by three membranes: dura mater (external membrane), arachnoid (intermediate), and pia mater (internal membrane). In summary, this system is made up of the cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves, and is classified into the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Nerve branching has multiple functions based on receiving and processing information coming from the environment as well as from inside the body. In this way, they regulate the functioning of the other organs and systems, either by direct action or by supporting the endocrine system.


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