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Contact, Alexilusmedical

ilusmedical, is an Gallery of illustrations of Medical and Anatomical subjects of the human body, my idea is to have contact directly with people interested in this type of illustrations.
I offer you the possibility of adjusting the image you want according to your need, whether schematic or realistic, with a final surcharge depending on its complexity.
Also to be able to create a personalized and unique illustration, thus, a final charge will be established according to its complexity.

In the illustrations in this blog you will find six categories of illustrations related to the human body. Each image has five different measures and each one has its price. The images are linked to the description of the image and the shopping cart.

Available options

Size             Approximate pixels     Approximate megabytes

JPEG Small          800x800px –       72 dpi       545 KB Aprox.      $3.25

JPEG Medium      2200x2500px – 300 dpi       1.5 MB Aprox.      $7.5

Large JPEG         2900x3200px – 300 dpi        3.6 MB Aprox.      $9.5

JPEG  XL            4000x4500px – 300 dpi       4.5 MB Aprox.    $13.75

JPEG  XXL            6000x5500px – 300 dpi       8.5 MB Aprox.    $18.75