In this category, we will see illustrations belonging to the autoimmunity of the human body. The blood cells of the immune system help protect the body from harmful substances. Examples are bacteria, viruses, toxins, cancer cells, as well as blood or tissues from outside the body. An autoimmune disorder occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy body tissue. The immune system, instead of protecting us from pathogens, infections, and diseases, identifies healthy cells as enemies and attacks them. The cause of autoimmune disorders is unknown.

Type I diabetes. This time we will see how an autoimmune disorder, illustrations of type 1 diabetes. The defense system attacks the cells of the pancreas responsible for producing insulin. Insulin is necessary for the body to use the glucose that the body receives. In this type of diabetes, the pancreas cannot generate insulin, which causes a serious health problem. This diabetes appears already in childhood or youth. The only possible treatment is to receive insulin daily and for life. In type 2 diabetes, there is insulin, but it does not do its job well.

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Rheumatoid arthritis. In this section, we will see illustrations related to arthritis, which is also an autoimmune disorder. In this disease, the main damaged tissues are the joints. The disorder begins slowly, with mild joint pain, stiffness, and fatigue. Joints can be hot and painful. The defenses attack the joints that become deformed. The wrists, knees, fingers, and ankles are the most affected areas. Little by little they are deforming and limiting their movement.