Arterial Aneurysms

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Types of Arterial Aneurysms

Arterial aneurysms, aneurismas arteriales

Arterial aneurysms, is a dilation located in arteries or veins, caused by a degeneration or weakening of the vascular wall. Aneurysms are usually classified according to the type and location of affected vessels. Cerebral aneurysm, also known as intracranial or intracerebral aneurysm. A thoracic aortic aneurysm, this one, crosses the thorax, belong to the section where they leave the heart. Abdominal aneurysm, is a balloon filled with blood in the aorta that extends through the abdomen. In addition, there are three types of aneurysms: saccular aneurysm, the vessel dilates from one side of the wall. Fusiform aneurysm, the artery dilates regularly. Dissecting aneurysm, dissection of the wall along an artery, and has two walls, external, internal.

Consequently, the type of surgery to be performed depends on the symptoms and the size and type of the aneurysm. The rupture of a cerebral aneurism is associated with a significant risk of death. On the other hand, the main risk is that it will break and cause bleeding. In addition, a ruptured aneurysm can quickly become a deadly threat, and therefore requires immediate medical treatment.

Clip of aneurysms. First and foremost, this surgical procedure to correct an aneurysm, a weak area in the wall of a blood vessel. It is usually performed when the vessel protrudes or becomes plump and may explode or rupture. During a clipping of the aneurysm, a metal clamp is placed at the base of the aneurysm. This is to prevent it from opening and breaking. In most cases a spiral and placement of a stent or mesh tubes is used.