Alterations of human health, In this section we will discuss the issue of disease, this is considered as the set of functional alterations that generate a deterioration of the health of the human organism. All diseases involve a weakening of the body’s defenses. In some cases the causes of the disease can be difficult to establish, such as cancer, or psychiatric illnesses.

Symptoms: it is the manifestation of the patient about what happens to him. The symptoms, by their subjective nature, are very variable elements, sometimes unreliable and not very accurate; Many times, its interpretation can be difficult.

The clinical signs are sensory elements that come from the examination or psychophysical examination of the patient. These are collected from the patient’s biology from observation, palpation, in addition to the application of certain maneuvers.

The number of Alterations or diseases of the human body, is very wide, following different parameters can be classified according to the organ they affect, depending on whether or not they have a cure or their ability to spread.

The diseases are also classified by the way in which the individual contracted them. A person may suffer from a disorder because they have inherited it, eaten something or suffered an accident.

The categories of this section.


Ocular and Dental.

Circulatory system.

Respiratory system.

Genitourinary System.

Bone joints and fractures.

Skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Alterations of Neoplasms.

Autoimmune disorders.

Alt. Neurodegeneratives.
Alt. Ocular and Dental.
Alt. Circulatory system.
Alt. Respiratory
Alt. Genitourinary
Alt. Bone and fractures.
Alt. Subcutaneous tissue.
Alt. Neoplasms.
Alt. Autoimmune.